Why Use Tungsten Carbide Dies

Tungsten Carbide Drawing Die Picture

Tungsten carbide dies are always used in all major wire producers. Tungsten carbide has very high compressive strength and hence can take high pressure. Tungsten Carbide being brittle in nature and is not guaranteed against breakage. Hence, it should be handled with utmost care. T.C wire drawing dies are used in wire drawing industries for drawing of different materials like Mild Steel (M.S), High Carbon (H.C), Stainless Steel (S.S), Brass, Aluminum etc.

Tungsten carbide dies are a wise economical choice for steel wire and other large-size wire drawing applications that make cost savings a priority over die wear resistance and wire surface finish. Ideal for most ferrous wires, large diameters and applications where corrosive wear is the primary cause of die failure

Tungsten carbide dies Tungsten carbide drawing dies, nibs made of high quality tungsten carbide and armored into steel cases. The die nibs are therefore of high hardness, provide good heat conduction, produce low friction, and have good corrosion resistance. Tungsten carbide dies are less expensive, but wear out quickly and loose size, therefore giving a shorter die life.

Tungsten carbide dies we can manufacture according to the drawings customers offered. However, so long as we have been told the requirements about density, tolerance, density, we would design and make the drawings for customers, and then manufacture according to it. Even there is no concrete data information, just offered one sample, we could also make drawing for customer, which is our special ability to transfer material object into drawing paper. Please find the following photo of projector we used for that transfer.